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Grey Contact Lenses – A richer more vibrant color contact lens

Whether you wear grey contact lenses or have natural grey eyes, no matter what color your eyes are, they are still the windows to the soul. They let you see through the lies, the tears and the feelings of others people. They are really special and should be well taken care of and decorated. Here are the top photos of grey eyes as well some incredible makeup ideas you can use with your grey contacts.

Depending on your eye color, there are different makeup techniques and eye shadows to go with your grey contact lenses you can use…

If you have rock grey contact lenses and now have beautiful grey eyes…
If you are lucky enough to have grey eyes au natural then boost them up with purple eye shadow! Another grey color to make the gray eyes stand out is dark brown and charcoal like eyeliner. The thing is, because your eyes are so different and unique there is so much you can do!

Lets have a look at these pictures, can you tell which ones are wearing grey contact lenses? Maybe not but it makes you want to have grey contacts on doesn’t it?

Light green eyeshadow mixed with yellow mascara and red bottom lid shadow to go with your grey contact lenses

grey contact lenses with green eyeshadow

This is a look that is truly not so natural and very out of this world. If you are going to a party or some high class fashion event then this could be a good makeup idea to go with your grey eyes. If you don’t have natural grey eyes then you might want to think about buying some grey contact lenses to complete your look.

grey contacts bright eye makeup

If you have pale skin then grey contacts could be the way to go because they might be darker then your normal light blue eye and its nice to do something different. I am assuming of course that you have blue eyes! You might not! You might have green eyes, or hazel. Whatever your eye color, some crazy make up is always refreshing like a light summer breeze. In this photo the model has a light yellow eye shadow which looks amazing with grey eye contacts don’t you think?

I especially quite admire this fashion spread that was in vogue magazine (which I also love). This is a photo taken by Richard Burbridge. I have got to say the man has talent. In this insane fantasy makeup stylish photo is model Lily Cole in stunning makeup. I think this may be her natural eyes but she looks like a doll from another planet. Maybe even this planet but far far away!

Lily Cole grey eyes vogue fashion

The grey eyes on Lily Cole are absolutely stunning in the fashion spread in Vogue magazine

Grey contact lenses make grey eyes which is exactly what Lily cole is rocking

If you want grey eyes you should consider >grey contact lenses because the makeup possibilities are so endless. You can do so much with it! Just take a look at these photographs. If they don’t make you want to get grey eye contacts then I don’t know what will.

If you want to step away from the vogue fashion style look. Then why not chic vampire in grey contact lenses? Who else wants to look like a sexy vampire in grey eye contacts?

The best photos of real people in grey contact lenses

vampire fangs and grey eyes

Buy grey contact lenses now!

Buy grey contact lenses now!

You can definitely be a fashionable goddess with beautiful eyes and make up. Anyone can look hot with some makeup, nice clothes and cool hair but do not forget the focus of your face which is your eyes!

Whatever your reason is for wanting grey eyes, you can achieve any look you think of in your head. With the help of grey contact lenses anything is possible.